Top Four Benefits of Maritime Satellite Internet for Shipboard Crew Members

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The life of crew members on a ship is never easy. Because of the nature of their job, they usually spend many days on-board at a stretch which isolates them from the outside world. Absence of proper means of communication doesn’t allow them to be in touch with their loved ones as much as they wish to.

Several surveys have established that the lower retention rate in the shipping industry is becoming a matter of concern as crew members leave their jobs at higher and higher rates due to not being able to cope up with the isolated and monotonous lives.

The shipping companies have realized the importance of internet connection onboard as it helps the crew members stay connected with their friends and families and gives them to access various means of entertainment which can keep them energized and motivated. The maritime broadband satellite services have transformed the picture of internet availability on ships.

Here’s a look at the ways internet onboard has contributed to making the lives of crew members better:

  1. Mode of communication

Though the crew members can make phone calls to their families, it is natural to have the urge to see your loved ones when you are away for a longer duration. Nothing makes a sailor happier than seeing his family over a video call after tiring day at work. The maritime internet makes it possible for the sailors to remain connected with their loved ones which help to keep their morale boosted.

  • Means of recreation

The internet has become a major means of recreation for people. There is so much on the internet to keep you busy and entertained. Apart from having access to various social media platforms, the crew can also watch videos, surf the internet, play games, and keep themselves updated with the latest news. These means of recreation mean that there is never a dull moment and can help prevent a feeling of isolation.

  • Health and physical maintenance

The crew members remain at sea for days together which makes it difficult to get medical services in case of any emergency or ill health. With help of the maritime internet, the crew can have access to remedies and can even connect with a Doctor at the port.

  • Safe navigation

With help of an internet connection onboard, the crew members can have real-time discussions to find a solution and respond to an emergency situation. The ship can make contact with onshore engineers, maritime supervisors, and other experts on the shore side.

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