Top Benefits of Having Satellite Connections on Sea Vessels


Life on the water is a pleasure but staying in touch with your co-workers, friends, and family can be troublesome. Satellite connections and internet technology have come a long way in a short time-span. Earlier, data downloads and messaging was comparatively slow, however, the introduction of satellite networks has transformed the face of communication.

In fact, satellite networks have emerged as one of the most effective solutions for messaging and communication while on sea. The ever-growing need to access the internet for both business and personal use has led the shipping companies to establish satellite internet connections on ships. With satellite connections onboard, crew and passengers can have access to faster internet and reliable communication solutions.

In recent past, a survey conducted in the maritime sector concluded that the shipping industry faces a huge employee turnover due to the isolated life they lead on a cruise. Maritime satellite services have helped the shipping companies in improving the lives of the crew member by enabling them to stay in touch with their loved ones. It enhances their sense of satisfaction and helps in overcoming the feeling of isolation. It ultimately improves their focus on work and increases their productivity.

A brief introduction to satellite internet services

What seemed impossible a few years ago has been made possible by maritime satellite internet service providers. Thousands of vessels across the globe rely on the unparalleled end-to-end service availability and the coverage for safety services and the operational communications.

Apart from the maritime satellite services, these companies also offer mobile voice and data solutions to ship operators. They offer customized internet packages as per the requirement and budget which helps the ship owners to have internet connections on all ship types and sizes.

Here’s a look at some of the major benefits of the satellite internet services:

  1. Global coverage

The remarkable services of maritime satellite communications deliver an impeccable experience with voice, data, and video which can be accessed anywhere in the world. Excellent coverage is offered with a global network of several satellites working together for one central network management system.

  • Reliability

Satellite networks work even when terrestrial ones fail! With satellite network, the shipping companies can trace actual ship movement to inform clients about their current consignment location. These services also come with automatic back-up support to help businesses in tracking previous data and locations, in case of bad connections or system crashes.

  • Security

Satellite network already constitutes a private network but by adding encryption technology, it offers a more secure connection compared to terrestrial ones.

  • Scalability

The modularity of the maritime satellite communications allows fast upgrades. The VSAT remotes can be positioned quickly which helps in expanding the network accessibility to new remote locations by simply configuring the bandwidth at the site and installing the ground equipment.

  • Rapid deployment

Satellite technology is the perfect solution for fast deployment as it is remains unaffected by the obstacles posed by the difficult terrain, remote locations, and harsh weather. It helps the service providers in offering immediate connectivity to the customers.

Explore web for more information on the satellite internet services for sea vessels and browse their plans to find the one that meets your exact requirements within the pre-defined budget.

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