Three Advantages of Automating Attendance Management

Attendance Management


The business world is rapidly evolving by integrating new technologies to create efficiencies which were once impossible. Today, companies in USA are automating their workforce management processes, especially managing time and attendance of employees using biometric technology.

Biometric attendance systems are making their way into both high security private companies and public organisations. Implementing a biometric attendance system helps to save thousands of dollars annually in time saved for payroll management and time theft. Check out these advantages of biometric technology and determine whether it’s right for your organisation.

Prevent Time Theft:

Time theft by employees has direct and indirect impacts on your company. In fact, employee time theft costs in billions annually in lost productivity. When you pay to your employees for the time for which they haven’t actually worked is the first line of expense. Nearly half of your employees will do their tasks in 75 percent of their shift timing.

A recent study has found that employers using biometric time attendance system experience only three percent of their employees attempting time fraud. It eliminates ‘buddy punching’ so employees can’t come late or leave early. Therefore, using biometric system can prevent your employees to steal time, and ultimately prevent time theft.

Increase Employee Productivity and Accountability:

Eliminate the process of manually recording employee attendance and time records. Biometric verification and attendance system can decrease staff overhead and provide accurate labor records to the payroll department. All these things lead to the effective business operations.

A biometric attendance system helps employers to identify employees who go on unscheduled breaks and absenteeism. A biometric system requires attendance at the worksite, not from blocks away the desk. If you need to ensure employee accountability, biometrics is the answer.

Increase Accuracy and Decrease Errors:

Many companies in Singapore are still using badges and cards for employee logins. In case of misplaced cards or badges are lost, then HR department will have to spend time re-issuing them. With a biometric time attendance, managers also save time in workforce management as they will not have to spend time manually recording employees’ attendance.

With simple set up and installing biometric hardware device, no need to issue new tracking devices and payroll can save time in maintaining timekeeping of employees. Biometric system eliminates errors, increase accuracy and makes sure that complex payroll processes are being followed with precision.

Building a productive workforce begins by automation attendance management that create efficiencies. Biometric technology offers the promise of an easy and secure method for efficient workforce management. It can save money, enhance security at your premise and reduce costs.

Take time to learn more about biometric technology and whether biometric time attendance system is the right fit for your organisation. At the end of the day, the goal of installing biometric system is maximizing your ROI, so plan wisely and execute smartly.

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