3 Reasons Why Installing Biometric Attendance Machine Saves Money


Managing employee attendance is a vital part of workforce management. Attendance problems have a detrimental impact on the bottom line since it is directly associated with employee productivity. Productivity can be affected by excessive absenteeism, arriving late to work and leaving early, and unnecessarily long breaks.

When employee productivity declines, it forces companies to look for a more accurate and cost-effective way of managing employee attendance. Biometric machine for attendance is the best way to track employee’s working hours and attendance.

It is a powerful way of controlling costs of wastage man hours by eliminating time theft and operational inefficiencies. Here are the three reasons why installing biometric machine can save you money:

Eliminates time theft

Biometric facial recognition time attendance systems use a combination of biometric clock-in device and attendance management software. Adopting a biometric system prevents issues of time theft. Biometric device will eliminate forms of time theft such as buddy punching and ID card fraud. Proof of attendance is very important, and a biometrics system can make all the difference when dealing with an attendance audit by the payroll department.

Swipe cards, security cameras and personal identification numbers are less effective ways to prevent employee time theft. With biometric machine for attendance, tracking of employee attendance becomes easier. It will help you allocate resources equally to other initiatives and boost employee productivity, thus saving you money in the long run.

Reduces administrative costs

Along with increasing the accuracy of the HR and payroll department, biometrics facial recognition time attendance system can also decrease the burden on them. Companies can cut the amount of time spent on preparing attendance reports for the payroll department.

A biometric system can produce a 100% accurate report in around 10 minutes or so. It reduces the amount of paperwork both the HR and payroll department have to complete before each pay period. It also reduces administrative costs by removing the need to work on resetting employee passwords or replacing lost/stolen ID cards.

Eliminates ghost worker payroll fraud

Government and private organisations are adopting biometric systems to establish accountability and eliminate ghost worker payroll fraud. A biometric device uniquely identifies a worker based on their facial, fingerprint or iris scan. Biometric facial recognition device is a perfect tool for eliminatingghost worker fraud, preventing duplicate registrations and establishing a strong audit trail.

Biometric facial recognition time and attendance systems give you the flexibility to automate your payroll process, prevent time theft and save administrative costs by reducing unnecessary paperwork. Biometric machine for attendance is the best solution for accurate calculation employee work hour details, effective management of business operations and eliminating ghost worker payroll fraud.

Companies dealing with attendance issues and looking to improve bottom line should consider switching to biometrics to curb those problems immediately.

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