Automated Telephone Survey: Benefits & Process

Automated Telephone Survey


Instead of offline surveys nowadays, business entities are focusing upon online surveys a lot. Do you remember how many calls you get in a single week from different entities? Perhaps one may get more than 10, and others may get less than 10 calls.

Actually, we want to convey that common people are ultimately getting survey calls almost every day. There are two purposes of such survey calls. One is to promote the products more and more and to gather information from users about their products.

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To fulfil both of these parameters, there is no exception of automated telephone survey because it serves ample benefits to an organisation. However, many companies do not find it effective even after installing such a telephonic automation system even after borrowing provident loans. Before we begin to tell you about the pros and cons of this service, let me tell you the process and what it is all about.

Automated telephone survey

There is no doubt that with the advancement of technology, now telecommunication is undergoing a huge transformation. It has become faster and flawless. Such fast and flawless communication takes place due to the usage of automation and artificial intelligence.

Automated telephone survey refers to such a technique of making phone calls randomly to various contact numbers to collect effective feedback from buyers and consumers. It is an entirely robotic voice process that can read and communicate with people without the presence of any other human being. As a result, human tele-callers are hardly required, and an organisation can save a huge amount of money by installing such a system.

After installing this system, a person needs to pour the required data (contact number and survey script) into an automatic calling machine. Then all you need to set a period up to which the calling will be done. Now, you need not do anything as it will automatically generate the survey report and help an organisation understand how they have affected the market.

Key features of the automated telephone survey

Any technical gadgets get popularity only when it possesses more than enough features. On that note, this automated telephone survey consists of many features for which it has become a very common gadget to almost every business entity. Before you install this technology, it is better to know about its features.

  1. Automatic calling

The automatic telephone survey is such a system that offers the facility of auto call. An organisation needs not to keep anyone seat for long 24*7 for making calls. Instead, robotic intelligence will make all the calls on the given database. One needs to upload the contact number and calling script to create the robotic voice speak.

2. Text Direct Synthesis

Besides, a business organisation needs not to worry about the speech as the entire system will work on the TTS process. Therefore, it can easily read what is loaded into its database. So, if you do not like to involve any telecaller, then update everything about the product and survey into the database.

3. Able to take multiple calls

You must understand that, as the entire process of calling is done through robotic intelligence, the gadget can take more than 2 calls. There is no problem talking over more than two calls after the installation of such a gadget. When a company can entertain more than two callers at a time, it clearly hints at a good reputation.

The process involved in the automated telephone survey

A company must adhere to these processes to get an appropriate survey report through an automated telephone survey

  • Firstly a business entity needs to install the technology.
  • Now the company should pour the database into the system.
  • The robotic voice should record all the questions or promotional scripts with a good voice. There must not be any breakage of voice during this time.
  • Begin the calling by pressing the start button. Make sure that the robotic voice is replying on time.
  • Keep all the survey reports one after another as per the calls are made.

Pros of the automated telephone survey

There are lots of advantages of installing this technology by borrowing money through provident loans. Apart from using it in a survey, a company may also use it for the advertisement of new products. In this way, it can help to earn more profit. Here are some other benefits,

  1. Lower down the cost

A company can quickly reduce the expenses of hiring new employees for calling consumers. Generally, most companies used to hire people to call customers to cross-sell and up sell. Besides, during the survey through various channels, there was no other option of making calls through human tele-callers.

There is no doubt that to hire these employees. An organisation needs to pay a considerable amount of money. But after the invention of such automated calling technology, a company can quickly reduce the cost of hiring extra employees. Moreover, it may easily deduct expenses by terminating them.

2. Highly accessible mode of communication

Apart from any other means of communication telephone plays the role much more effectively. In such a scenario, there is no exception to automated telephone surveys. It always knocks people by calling them. As a result, people respond more than any other communication service.

Therefore, high accessibility is another benefit that helps an organisation to keep up the profit margin.

3. Get reliable survey report

There is no doubt that information gathered from this medium offers reliable survey reports. It is an entirely machine-generated survey report, so there is no question of wrong analysis. Besides, what the machine will get through algorithms it will portray precisely the same.

So, without thinking much, every business organisation should install such a technical survey machine. It will help to analyse the growth of that company and enables the level of popularity among buyers. Moreover, getting calls time and again from a single organisation will help to become well-known within the market.


The automated telephone survey is a telecommunication technology that helps in gathering information from consumers. It also lower downs the cost.

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