5 Things You Need to Know About Telephone System for Hotels

Telephone System for Hotels


A reliable and secure communication system is o006Ee of the most important parts of running a successful business across all industry sectors. Every organisation needs to provide and maintain an uninterrupted communication channel to its employees, suppliers, contractors, and all stakeholders for carrying out various operations smoothly. The hospitality industry is no different from the rest and relies heavily on a communication platform.

Telephone systems for hotels must hence be designed and implemented keeping in mind all the communication requirements of its users. Any lags here can result in poor guest experience and cause a decline in business. Hotels require telephones for transferring an extensive range of information between employees and guests.

If you are a business operating in the hospitality industry and looking for the right telephone system for your hotel, you must first know the things that simplify your search. This article explains the considerations that you need to make when buying a telephone system for your hotel.

What makes a hotel telephone system different?

The three major stakeholders in the communication system of the hospitality industry are:

The operator
They are responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of the hotel telephone, serving guest needs, and ensure a safe and secure communication environment.

The owner
The owner of the business is often keen on delivering a telephone system that is in line with the financial and regulatory aspects along with ensuring operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The guest
The guests rely on the hotel telephone system for Wi-Fi and making service requests which can include room service, housekeeping, concierge, etc. Making outside calls through this communication channel is no longer preferred by many guests given the use of personal mobile phone devices. But hotel telephone system remains the priority for all internal communications and internet requirements for an average guest.

Common Features of Phone Systems for Hospitality:

The list of features an operator can provide in a hotel telephone system is endless. Every hotel can select the ones as per their preference and cost management. The most common of these features include:

  • Automated wake-up calls
  • Group calls
  • Automated tasks on check-in and check-out
  • Personalised services
  • Phone lockout when a room is unoccupied
  • Call-back features from both reception and room
  • Handset configuration from the front office

Investing in and implementing a telephone system in a hotel is not an easy feat. Staying aware of certain things when selecting one for your hotel can help you invest for better results. Here are some of the things you must pay attention to when buying a hotel telephone system.

1. Enhance guest experience

As we already discussed, guest experience plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of a hotel telephone system. Actions on guest check-in and check-out can help decide the nature of service requests to be expected from the guest rooms. Additional features such as room status, minibar, and do-not-disturb can go a long way into making a guest comfortable in their rooms.

The hotel system that excels in providing a smooth, secure, and hassle-free call and internet experience to the guests must be preferred over those that only claim to provide these services.

2. VoIP for hotel telephone system

VoIP is the general term that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to all voice communications over computer networks. This protocol is used to define how individual phones connect to the telephone system and how this system connects to the service provider for transferring data safely over the network for external calls.

With the technological advancement, the majority of hotels have already opted for VoIP telephones for their guests. And those who have not implemented this system on a large scale can still benefit from it by using a telephone system that supports both VoIP and analogue extensions.

3. Operator market experience and reputation

The selection of an operator for providing the telephone system in your hotel can be one of the most important considerations. The operator you select must have industry experience and a reputation of providing reliable hotel telephone systems. The market is full of new and inexperienced operators that claim high but bow out when it comes to providing quality services.

You can gather the required information about the right operator from their website, industry-specific discussion forums, customer discussion columns, etc. Any current and past customer reviews must be paid attention to. The cost is higher in the case of reputed and experienced operators compared to the novices, but it can be worth it in the end. Select the one as per your budget and requirements.

4. Option for scalability

Every business has plans to grow in the future and as a hospitality business owner, you might also plan to expand your reach and establish hotels at different geographical locations. This will involve hiring more staff and investing more in communication systems too.

When buying a new telephone system in the present, you might want to make sure the system you select provides easy options for scalability in future. Investing in different telephone systems when a business grows is a rather time-consuming and costly exercise that nobody wants to undergo frequently.

5. Seamless integration

If you already have a communication system for your staff in place and require integration with the existing system, you must look for operators that provide such service options. Some telephone systems can be integrated with existing ones relatively easily to save costs. If this is one of your priorities, you may look for the right operator.


Selecting the best telephone system for any business is a demanding activity. Especially in the hospitality industry that heavily depends on the guest experience, a telephone system can make a huge difference. And this also makes selecting the right telephone for hotels even more challenging.

But with the right information and guidance, you can make the right choice and select the telephone system that helps your business grow. All the above considerations can help you choose the best telephone system for your hotel.

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