5 Features to Look for in Your Biometric Time and Attendance System

Biometric Time


A biometric time and attendance system is designed to capture the attendance data of your employees. The word “system” denotes a complete attendance management solution that can help you capture attendance and time data from employees through a biometric machine and streamline those data with online software.

Many private and government organisations in Singapore are increasingly using biometric attendance solutions for their employees to log in and log out their time and attendance digitally without any manual intervention. If you are looking for a time attendance system laced with high-end technology and software bundles, here are 5 features you should vouch for.

Biometric Input Method: Biometric systems utilize various physical or behavioural characteristics for identifying individual employees. These characteristics (also known as modalities) are fingerprint scan, facial images, iris prints and voice recognition. Every biometric modality has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your industry type and business size. Choose the biometric machine and modality that best suits your attendance tracking requirements. Though fingerprint-based biometric machine is popular among companies for attendance tracking, but other biometric modalities are also making entries in some industries. Your biometric time attendance machine must register attendance data quickly and pushes the data to a server swiftly.

Cloud-based attendance technology: Today, this is the most dominant trend in the time and attendance industry. Cloud-based time and attendance management is popular because of its low up-front costs, no ongoing maintenance fees and a secured setup that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. A cloud-based biometric attendance system is a centralised platform that can be integrated with payroll software, thus helping payroll department to monitor time, schedule staff and run reports.

Payroll management dashboard: A payroll management software that can be integrated with your biometric time attendance system will help you to calculate payroll for employees without any error. This will also help you in getting information about employee work hours and thus allotting resources to the most important projects. A customized dashboard will bring transparency and efficiency in workforce management.

Scalable and Flexible: With business growth, the number of employees increases. Make sure that your selected biometric time and attendance system is capable of handling new employees and update the attendance report. A flexible biometric system allows to add any number of employees you want without doing much modification in the system.

Easy Report Compilation: With biometric attendance system in place, you can track productive hours and measure your business’ monthly productive index. In Singapore, it is important to comply with Building & Construction Authority’s mandatory electronic performance support system (EPSS) submission standards.

A top biometric time and attendance system should have all of these features. It is important that while buying biometric time attendance system in Singapore you should look for a complete solution that will cater all the needs of your organisation.

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