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Mistakes You Should Avoid Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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The increasing demand for mobile apps across a multitude of business niches also created tremendous pressure for mobile app development services to develop highly engaging apps with higher usefulness for the end-users.

There are certain mistakes and errors that are common to the vast majority of outsourcing app projects around the world. When understanding how to find app developers, you need to stay alert from committing certain mistakes that other projects suffered from. Just by avoiding these errors and shortcomings business can get the maximum out of its app outsourcing.

Let’s look at Few of the most common mistakes when outsourcing app development.

Not communicating properly 

Establishing transparent communication with the outsourcing company is a key requirement to ensure success for the app project as well as for establishing long-term relationships in the post-development period.

Ensure staying in sync with the outsourcing development team through continuous and instant communication by using tried and tested channels such as emails, chats, etc. It is important to Select a development company with no language barriers and negligible cultural differences.

Going for the Cheapest Rate

When you choose a mobile application development company for your app project, you may be tempted to opt for the cheapest rate. This particularly happens when you are on a stringent budget and cannot afford big rates charged by top companies. But you cannot forget that cost is not alone consideration for choosing the right outsourcing company.

The instances are too many for companies offering lower than the market price actually providing poor-quality output. So, have the “quality first and pricing second” kind of approach. Research every company well to understand theirs in delivering you a high-quality app product.

Not considering the time zone difference 

Despite the fact that we already live in a globally connected market, the time zone difference is still a major hurdle faced by companies collaborating on remote projects. In case the time zone difference prevents your business to stay in communication with the remote mobile app development team during business hours, this can be a serious disadvantage for certain niches.

In some cases actually, the exact opposite time zone helps a business offer continuous support through the remote developers when the in-house team is asleep at their homes. In certain scenarios, the waiting time or hold-ups for solving a query can actually result in pushing back the project deadline. Such businesses often need to engage remote teams ready to work in the same hour when the team members in other parts of the world are active.

Zero Market Research

To develop and launch an app quickly by hiring a remote team, certain business owners can consider the market research as a time-consuming and unnecessary hurdle that needs to be thrown away. But this can lead to huge and almost irreparable faultlines in the final app output. Choosing an outsourcing development company randomly can only result in compromising development output and app performance.

Any business having built apps remotely through outsourcing development companies know the importance of researching the options in the market before picking the right service provider. Through research, one can choose among thousands of app development companies with diverse expertise, track records, and skills. When you research extensively, you have chances of finding the best company with proven output and an awesome rate.

Lack of App Testing 

Many outsourcing app projects simply fail because of the lack of proper testing. If you have not made it obvious for the outsourcing development company to carry out different tests before finalizing and launching the app product, you have a high chance to get a low-quality app product delivered to you.

All your development efforts will go in vain in case the app is full of development errors or bugs. It is important to make the app tested by the developers at various stages of development to ensure optimum performance in all conditions. Moreover, you are always putting the reputation of the company at risk by not properly testing the app before its launch.

In order to make sure that the mobile app performs smoothly, the app project needs to carry out testing in similar scenarios that the real world end-users always face. You need to ask the outsourcing development company to code and create several different use cases for carrying out such testing. To be precise, a GPS app needs to be tested across all locations where the app will be mostly used.

Not Ensuring Post-Launch Support

There are times when new businesses just for the sake of quick launch put all their efforts and attention just behind creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) app without paying any attention to the post-launch support. But for modern app projects, the post-launch phase remains equally crucial.

Since every app project wants to build a loyal customer base and long-term customer relationship, post-release support becomes a crucial factor. The app through several timely updates should make value additions and changes that the users demand. From fulfilling the lack of certain features to optimize the user experience attributes to removing bugs and errors, in a multitude of ways, updates and maintenance create value for the end-users.

This is why it is extremely important to ask the outsourcing development company about their long-term support and post-development maintenance. Make sure you include the post-development support and maintenance within the project conditions or agreement.


Mistakes are human by default. But certain mistakes that are too well known and avoidable should not be given a chance to pull down an ambitious project. This is true for outsourcing app development projects as well. These mistakes have played detrimental roles for too many outsourcing app projects and hence they should be kept into consideration.

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