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How to Crack the Key Nutshell of Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development

Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development


In recent years fantasy sports apps have become tremendously popular. Actually, these game apps are on the rise for more than a decade now. According to experts, there are high chances that the fantasy fame industry will reach the peaks of popularity anytime in the near future. Naturally, it is quite justified to want to build mobile apps belonging to the fantasy gaming category.

How to go about developing fantasy game app development? What are the key considerations for such an app project? Let’s explain all of this one by one.

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Business Model of Fantasy Game Apps 

The leading big fantasy game apps such as Dream 11 and Fanduel can make you learn important things corresponding to the business model and the ways to make your app profitable. Let us explore the key attributes of the business model followed by these apps.

  • Branding: The marketing team of the fantasy game company carries out all the standard brand promotion activities to attract players’ attention to the brand.
  • Subscription: The subscription model is basically making the fantasy game players pay a subscription for some features.
  • Fees and Commission: The fees and commission can be earned by the fantasy sports app by allowing businesses to use their gaming platform for branding, sales and promotions.
  • Advertisement: The in-app ads can be utilized by a fantasy gaming app to garner revenue from the ad clicks and business conversion.

Key Factors to consider for building a great fantasy game app 

For building a fantasy game app, you need to consider an array of aspects to become successful and stand apart from the competition easily. Here are the key factors and considerations.

  • Experienced developer team: The most important requirement is to get on board a team of experienced developers well-versed with all the key technologies and skills for your I tended game app project.
  • Scalability: Ensuring scalability of the fantasy game app as per the increasing footfall of players is a key point for the long-term success of the app.
  • Responsiveness: Since most fantasy game apps are accessed through smartphones, game consoles as well as desktops and laptops, maintaining a responsive user interface and user experience will be very important.
  • A robust team of expert marketers: To make your fantasy game app popular and gain traction among the intended audience or just to let people know about your brand, your app needs the backing of a solid marketing team.

Features to consider for a fantasy game app 

It is well known that mobile app features are decided not just based upon the trends but also on the basis of the core app objective, the app concept, and also the platforms and technologies. In the case of fantasy game app, some trending features remain common across most of the successful projects in this niche.

Let’s have a look at Some Of the key features.

  • Smooth User Onboarding: Since the initial impression created by a user is important for the fate of an app, app onboarding remains crucial. Make sure users get an easy and smooth onboarding experience and can easily understand how it is played and navigated.
  • Social Media: Social media plays a key role in promoting businesses these days. For a fantasy sports app, it cannot be any different. Make sure you provide the leading social media buttons that are popular among your audience.
  • Gamification: A game app should have gamification elements to help players engage with the game through competitive elements such as trophies, bonus points, referral points, etc. Holding contests among the game players can also be an important approach to engage players easily. Provide players achievement badges to make them feel more loyal to the brand.
  • Live Game Feeds: Live game feeds with detailed scores and other achievements can be very effective in engaging the game players. Live game feeds will play a great role in engaging players.
  • Multi-platform development: A fantasy sports game app should always be unleashed on both iOS and Android platforms to ensure wider outreach and get maximum traction through the game app.
  • Freemium model: Offering free games is a great motivator for first-time players. On the other hand, for seasoned game players, you can keep certain features as gated or premium.
  • Easy mobile payment: The app must come with integrated mobile payment methods to help players make in-app purchases whenever they require or feel to. Integrated and smooth payment solution helps boost business conversion.

Advanced technologies to make your game app win the competition 

There are certain technologies that can really make a considerable difference in the gaming experience. These technologies are available just through easy integrations. Let’s explore them in brief.

  • Machine learning Algorithms: Machine learning is about knowing the intent and preferences of the users based upon their interactions with the device and the app. Based upon solid data-driven insights these algorithms are highly effective in shaping app content and user experience based upon user intent and preferences.
  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain as a decentralized database technology that is least vulnerable to all kinds of data tampering efforts is already a trusted technology to safeguard users’ payment information and personal data.
  • ChatBot: By integrating a Chatbot with your fantasy sports app you can help users by addressing their queries in real-time. The best thing about chatbots is that it offers a better support system with less manual effort. An integrated chatbot helping game players with their queries can boost the user experience to a great extent.


All the best practices and technical advice we shared concerning fantasy sports app development projects, It been tried and tested in a number of highly successful projects. You can always push innovation but you should not do so at the expense of these development practices.

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