Add-Ons You Should Look for When Buying Web Hosting for Your New Website

Buying Web Hosting


In this day and age, advanced hosting services are in high demand with the rise in technology. You can’t get customers to invest in your services by merely offering the basic space on your server to store their website files and ensuring minimum downtime. Nowadays, you also need to offer cutting-edge technology that is new in the market, easy management, as well as added services and tools meant to resolve user issues and provide customizing options that allow the web host to fulfill the needs of their clients sufficiently. It also helps boost the loyalty your customers have for your brand and gives you an edge over your competition in the market.

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In this article, we have compiled a list of the additional ones that are most preferred for hosting services to help you better your experience and help satisfy all of your website needs with your web hosting plan itself. 

  1. SSL Certificates

Secure socket layer, also known as SSL, is a guaranteed way to keep your data safe as it moves from your server to your user and vice versa. Your sensitive information is encrypted while going out so that it can only be decrypted when it reaches your user. This lowers the possibility of it being intercepted and misused while on the move. Regardless of whether your website deals with sensitive information, you should get an SSL certificate. It communicates to the users that your website is secure and can be trusted.

Web hosting plans usually come with their own basic free-of-cost SSL plan that is provided by the web hosting provider. You can also get paid SSL certificates offered by your web hosting providers, which makes the integration process easier as well.

2. Antivirus and anti-malware software

Malware is a huge problem, particularly for WordPress, Joomla, and other such well-known CMS. There are innumerable new viruses that are introduced daily on the internet and their detection and solutions fall on the shoulders of antivirus labs. Your safety website can be irreparably damaged and your confidential data severely compromised. Hence, for the detection and removal of malicious viruses, employing good antivirus software is crucial.

Traditional hosting service allows you a base-level malware scanner that goes through your hosting space’s entire home directory to figure out the malicious code and keep it away from your precious website. There are various professional software solutions that go through your website and lets people know of any problem that might exist. There are quite a few that include a Web Application Firewall that observes your website around the clock and keeps an eye on the topmost threats such as injections.

3. Automated backup solution

Data loss can be one of the worst things to ever happen to your website. Hence, a backup is integral to safeguard your website from complete data loss. In case disaster strikes that causes your website to be hacked or it crashes, you only have a tiny window in which to restore it. You will lose more users, the longer they are unable to access your website. Hence, it is important to buy a backup tool that will create regular backups automatically and without delay.

4. Content delivery network (CDN)

It takes a certain amount of time for the data to move from the hosting server to the user, regardless of how fast the internet works. The longer the distance your data has to travel, the more time it will take. If your user is situated in a faraway location like the UK and your server is in India, your site will be interpreted as slow by the user. A content delivery network creates a replica of your entire website data on a server network that exists on a global stage. It helps your page loading speeds increase as it uses the server that is nearest to the user to deliver user requests. Several web hosting providers integrate CDN in their web hosting plans these days as it is considered one of the crucial components.

5. Business email hosting

Do not, under any circumstances, use a free email service for your vital business communications. You can help boost your credentials by obtaining a domain name that matches your business email. It communicates to your customers that you’re serious about your brand and that it is trustworthy. 


When you are looking for a web hosting service, try buying the above-mentioned add-ons as well that your shared hosting plans will greatly benefit from. You can also choose a Linux shared hosting plan that has all of these add-ons already included in it. You will see a significant improvement in the speed of your website along with providing a brilliant well-rounded experience for your users. Plus, ensure that you get round-the-clock customer support that will help with the smooth functioning of your website.

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