3 Reasons to Buy Windows VPS Hosting Over Others

Windows VPS Hosting


VPS hosting offers many advantages over shared and dedicated hosting, including faster load speeds and advanced security features. Are you running an e-commerce store or any content management system? If yes, then only buy Windows VPS hosting in India. Why? Read on to get more details.

Investing in a hosting service is a big decision. After all, it decides how well your site will perform, your data is secure or not, and other related details. Thus, one must consider buying a hosting service that is secure, reliable and delivers fast performance in high volumes of traffic. Since there are various services available, not all are as good as they claim to be. Thus, it’s crucial to know what your website hosting needs are. This information will help you decide which plan is the best for you. Whether you buy Windows VPS hosting, shared or dedicated hosting, select a plan that best suits your needs.

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VPS hosting offers advanced features and complete control over the server than shared hosting. When it comes to the cost factors, VPS is less expensive than shared and dedicated hosting. Still, most people often get confused while selecting between Windows VPS and shared hosting. Do you feel yourself one among those? No worries, we have covered everything to help you decide which hosting plan is right for you.

This blog pens down the top three reasons that you must consider switching to Windows VPS. We’ll also share the information about the service provider from where you can buy VPS hosting in India at an affordable price.

Why Must You Consider Buying Windows VPS Hosting Over Others?

VPS hosting offers robust security, fast performance features, and instant scaling. These are among a few notable benefits of virtual private server hosting over shared and dedicated hosting. They are enough to describe why VPS Windows hosting is preferred over other hosting services available. So, are you searching for a reliable hosting solution for your site? Buy Windows VPS hosting without thinking further. Are you still not able to make any decisions? Check out the reasons listed below to know more about why VPS Windows hosting is right for you.

Complete Control

A VPS is like a logical partition of a server with a big data center. It shares the same operating system but operates more like a computer with separate CPUs, RAM, and Storage. It’s a great option as your website will not share any of its resources with anyone else.

As the name suggests, shared hosting shares the same resource with another website on the platform. It can lead to performance issues, and downtime errors as more users simultaneously access the same bandwidth, storage space, and memory. So, it’s obvious if you come across performance issues. With Windows VPS, each customer has their server with full root access. Having a VPS is like a private server in a massive data center. It’s why VPS hosting offers more control, high flexibility and enhanced security.

Windows VPS offers you complete control of the server. It means you can install as much software as you want without even thinking twice. As VPS offers customizable features, you can do whatever you want. So, if you are looking to complete the high uptime needs of your website, then you must buy Windows VPS hosting. It’s user-friendly and the most popular VPS hosting in India.

Fast Performance

In today’s competitive environment, it’s tough to impress first-time visitors coming to your site. If your website experiences high traffic volumes, you can’t let your visitors wait until your website or app loads. If this happens, they will move to the competitors within fractions of seconds. With VPS Windows hosting, it’s not the case. It offers fast performance features for the website that deals with high volumes of traffic.

On the contrary, shared hosting needs additional plug-ins to give fast performance features. Sometimes, you might need caching plug-ins or have to install entire backup software to speed up the performance of your website. Shared hosting usually takes time to load a website. Sometimes, it’s because shared hosting offers the same resource to many websites rather than just one. So, your website has to compete with other resources every time it loads.

In VPS Windows hosting, you will have a separate server with other resources that are only for you. With VPS, you do not need to worry about your site getting down or facing slow loading issues. VPS is affordable and offers multiple resources, ensuring your website loads fast in high traffic situations.

High Encrypted Security

Security from cyberattacks is the first thing that every business wants, whether a startup, SME, or large scale enterprise. As technology advances, there are ample ways to ensure your website is safe and works in a secure environment. Out of popular hosting plans available, Windows VPS hosting provides the highest levels of encrypted security.

High security is among the principal characteristics of why SMEs buy Windows VPS hosting compared to shared or dedicated hosting. As a business professional, you always want your data safe from cyberattacks. Besides all affordable hosting plans, VPS ensures the highest levels of security. It comes with two extra firewalls in place. So, in the event of an attack, you’ll always have an extra layer of protection with firewalls. With VPS, you can install as much software as you want to protect your site from DDoS and other attacks.

With a remote hosting solution like VPS, you get a remote server to control everything from firewall configurations to OS upgrades. So, if you are using VPS, you do not need to worry about any malware or cyber-attack. If you ever encounter any situation like this, which means a website on the same server gets hacked, your website will remain unaffected as you are using a separate server. With such security levels, it’s easy to control downtime risks by knowing that your data is safe on the server.


VPS hosting is an ideal choice for startups, SMEs and even large scale enterprises. It enables businesses to save expenses while having advanced benefits such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space, advanced backup services, and much more. Do you want to avail these benefits for your business website? It’s necessary to be clear with your hosting needs. Once you know what your website needs in terms of hosting, make sure you follow the shared tips. Don’t forget to note down the advantages to get the maximum benefits.

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