cPanel vs Plesk: Which Control Panel Should you Choose?

Web Hosting - cPanel vs Plesk


What is a Control Panel?

A control panel is software mainly used for web hosting in which it provides automation tools and a graphical interface (GUI) to help simplify the task of hosting a website for both the website owner and the end-user. There are several control panels used by the web developers like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, or Webmin but cPanel and Plesk both remain amongst the popular ones in the web industry. If someone has a liking to use cPanel for their website, then they can easily find a cheap cPanel license on the Internet nowadays.


cPanel is a great web hosting control panel software and remains to be still on top even after all these years. The reason for its popularity is the cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness, which is why many web developers prefer to use it. Another reason to use cPanel is the remote accessibility and easy maintenance of servers for developers from anywhere in the world.

It has a Linux-based interface that is quite compatible with many hosting websites and servers. Also managing multiple websites from a single user interface is easily possible with cPanel. Hosting tasks like managing domains, organizing files, and creating email accounts are performed very smoothly on it as well.


Plesk is also a fabulous web hosting control panel and remains on top alongside cPanel, even though Plesk was released after many years of cPanel. The similarity of Plesk’s interface with that of WordPress in usability is another reason for its popularity among developers in the web industry. Managing different aspects of web hosting like adding or organizing files in the control panel is easy on Plesk.

Management of domains whilst creating new domains on your account, managing your inboxes, creating new email addresses, or removing unwanted email addresses are all possible on it as well. Monitoring disk space, managing the database, or even scheduling regular backups of both files and websites are just a few features found easily on the Plesk. Currently, it’s very easy to get a cheap Plesk license from many software providers online.

cPanel vs Plesk: Which should you choose?

The debate remains amongst the two as to which one is the better one and which one should web developers choose. They both help achieve almost the same amount of website management and web hosting features. Here are some similarities and differences which both share and for you to compare about it by yourself:-

– Similarities

  • Backup management: In-house-built backup or 3rd party backup application for accessibility.
  • Domain name management: Domain renewal, DNS editing, registering for new domains, and subdomain management.
  • Database management
  • Email management: New email accounts, managing inbox, and email forwarding.
  • FTP management: File system, password management, and user account admin.
  • Key management/SSH user
  • Web-based file system accessibility

– Differences

There aren’t any major differences in both cPanel and Plesk. Plesk is a good option if your website supports ASP/.NET or might directly have access through Microsoft Access or MSSQL database. The only major difference of cPanel from Plesk is that it is only operated on a Linux-based OS and doesn’t support a Windows OS.

Easy Accessibility

Apart from managing a website with so many featured tools, cPanel and Plesk both have a great working mobile application for even easier accessibility for both website owners and end-users at any time or any place. Some people may be at the airport or even on a bus and some important access is required, instead of taking out their laptops or not having them with them during something important can disrupt the frequency of the website processes. So having a mobile application to manage the control panels on their phones can bring a person’s life at ease.

You can easily manage and monitor all your hosting tasks in both the cPanel and Plesk mobile applications. Viewing information about a server and viewing vital indicators of a server’s health is just one of the featured tools inside the mobile application.

Conclusion – Which one is better to choose?

Both cPanel and Plesk are just great with their features and different web hosting experiences. They both are affordable, secure, and reliable control panels and will get all your web hosting tasks sorted out easily. Some web developers, website owners, or even end-users all have their different perspectives about it as everyone has different ways of working with it but you should use either of the two control panels which you are comfortable with or gets your work done according to what you require.

Also, there is no doubt in the performance, security, or usability of both the control panels. Before buying any one of the software, you can get a trial version from the software company to help you see how the software runs with the hosting tasks that you’ll be carrying out in the future. This will help you make up your mind easily rather than reading a blog about it like this one.

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