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Investing in Social Media Advertising: [Updated Guide]

Social Media Advertising


Social media offers companies and brands the ability to reach a huge potential audience organically, however, sometimes you need to spend little in social media advertising to take your social profiles to the next level. That is precisely the purpose of advertising on social network.

Whether we are talking about Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, surely you have seen several ads and perhaps you have even encouraged yourself to do some to try to increase the reach of your profiles. And while the ads on these platforms are quite effective, they need to be done the right way to get the most out of every penny you invest.

Apart from investing in ads, there is another paid way through which many individuals are capitalizing. Originally, it is far easiest, cost-effective and quick as well from other options. They tend to buy Instagram followers or other social media services to build their social presence in a very short time-period.

That is why today we have for you a complete guide in which we explain each of the key points that you must take into account when creating a campaign on social networks.

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What is advertising on social networks?

By definition, advertising on social networks consists of a campaign of ads paid by profiles or users on different platforms. These can be ads from creators, brands and businesses of any type and are adapted to different formats in each social network.

The nature of each social network makes the process of creating and developing an ad campaign vary from platform to platform; but they should always start from the general marketing objectives of your business.

To create a social media campaign you must:

Segment your audience

Who is your campaign aimed at? Who are your potential customers? Identifying the characteristics and qualities of your target audience can be used to your advantage to segment your ads correctly and increase their effectiveness.

Fortunately, social networks are targeting tools themselves; since you can study the performance and results of your publications and activities to categorize your audience according to different characteristics relevant to your account.

By segmenting your audience on social networks, you will optimize the results of your campaigns and, therefore, you will have a greater return when investing in advertising on social networks.

Define your budget

Setting a budget for your campaign will allow you to control the costs of your campaign. In general, after having a total budget, it is divided by days according to the duration of your campaign.

This will allow you to adjust your campaign based on the performance, reach and impressions of your ads for better results.

Set goals

Before starting a campaign on social networks, you must determine what your objectives are. From generating traffic to your website and increasing your sales to gaining Instagram followers and strengthening your brand recognition.

When setting objectives, regardless of what they are, you must establish indicators that allow you to quantify the scope and effectiveness of your campaign towards your objectives.

Determine which social media to invest in

Each social network has different campaign capabilities and each one has a different user profile:


Facebook is the platform par excellence, not only because it is the first massively used social network, but also because it is the first in terms of user volume. With its more than 2 billion users worldwide, it is capable of using an impressive database that allows for much more effective segmentation. Facebook Ads can be configured with the platform’s Ads Manager or Power Editor tool for advanced users.


Like Facebook, Instagram has powerful targeting capabilities thanks to both using the same database that, added to the platform’s level of interactions, allows you to create effective ads by investing in social media advertising without having a large budget. Instagram Ads are set up through the Facebook Ads Manager and you need to have a Creator or Company account to enjoy this feature. Best of all, we see how Instagram has become a visibility tool for small brands, creators, artists and many people looking to become a celebrity on the platform.


Twitter is the social information network. Most of its users search for news and updates in real time on any topic. Its operation is usually different, but it has an ad system that will help you to advertise targeted to followers of specific accounts, promote hashtags or segment according to different interests. Twitter has an ad management panel to create and configure campaigns.


It is the best alternative for advertisements aimed at professionals in different sectors. LinkedIn allows you to segment by position, job functions, economic sector and even according to the type of company or seniority of the user in their position.

Be Creative

As in conventional media, advertising on social networks comes down to the creativity of the media you use; but beyond an attractive image, you must work on the quality of your message.

The texts that accompany your ads are key. Think of an attractive way to motivate users to visit your profile, follow you, and even buy your products, depending on what your goals are. Combining good copy with an attractive image will do wonders for your campaign ROI.

Also, you should make sure to tailor your content to the platform you are investing in. For instance; Instagram is more visual than Twitter and LinkedIn, which tend to prioritize text.

Evaluate Results

All social networks offer statistics on the performance of your ads. Reach and impressions, likes, clicks and followers are just some of the indicators that each platform offers. Based on your objectives, choose which indicators you will use to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Doing this will allow you to make the necessary changes to optimize the results of your ads and get to know your target audience even better.


Should I invest in advertising on social networks?

It depends on your goals. Investing in social media ads is an effective practice for brands, businesses, and creators looking to grow their audience, build brand recognition, and in some cases increase their sales.

Is there another way to advertise on social media?

Yes. Each platform has an ad panel where you can configure your campaign. But you can also work with influencers to promote your products in their posts.

Can I advertise on social media without being a professional?

You need to know the tools to do it. However, each social network has a panel that is quite intuitive to get the most out of your ads, even if you are not a professional.

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