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12 Essential Tips That Every Facebook User Should Know

Facebook tips


You probably check your Facebook multiple times a day, but do you know a few essential tricks to use the world’s largest social networking platform like a pro? Whether you have a personal Facebook account or a business page, you should know a few Facebook hacks, be it for safety purposes, fun, or to improve your experience. 

From hiding people from your news feeds to spamming candy crush requests, hiding your active status, saving interesting content to watch for later, Facebook has many exciting features for you. To get you updated with every latest feature of Facebook, we have got everything covered for you. 

Check our list of interesting facts about Facebook that will surely change your experience of using Facebook and also allow you to customize your feeds and features. 

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1. You Can Recover Your Blocked Facebook Account

Among other social media websites, Facebook is the largest platform. It is a significant platform to obtain and give information to and from friends around the world. But what if your Facebook account gets blocked? Stress not, you can recover it if you know how to recover Facebook account. 

2. Your Activity Log Shows Your Likes, Shares, Comments, etc. 

Facebook keeps the record of each activity and shows it in the Activity Log. It is easily accessible on the Facebook web or Facebook’s mobile application. You can access it to go through your activities. 

3. You Can Save Something You Find Interesting to Watch Later 

You see something interesting in your feeds but don’t have time to watch it now, you can bookmark your links, videos, photos, and places. You can tweak your settings under the ‘More’ tab in the Facebook mobile app. 

4. Commenting on Your Previous Posts Will Bring Them back in Feeds

This is the hidden trick that most Facebook users are probably unaware of. If you want to engage your visitors, want more likes and comments on your post, keep commenting on your previous post, it will bring back your post in the feeds.  

5. Requests to Play Candy Crush Annoys You? Spam it

Facebook also allows its users to play games with their friends or other random people. But for those who’re not fond of this activity, notifications from these games annoy them. You can spam the invites from Settings> Account Settings> Notifications and uncheck Application Invites. 

6. Do You Know You Can See Your Same-Day Activity From Last Year?

Facebook cares about your memories. That’s why facebook brings the ‘On this day’ feature that shows your activity on the same day as last year. With this, you can share your last year’s memory on Facebook again and live the moment again. 

7. Adjust the Type of Notification You Get

Facebook sends you lots of notifications each day. If unnecessary notifications irritate you, you can customize your notifications settings and set them to exactly as per your requirements. 

Go to the Settings> Notifications and Tweak your settings.

8. Hide Your Shared Post From Specific People

The post you share on Facebook can be seen by your friends, friends of friends, and anyone who can view your profile. If you don’t want to share it with all, you can apply privacy to your posts. On the mobile app, go to the Settings> Edit Privacy and select from 

  • Friends 
  • Friends of friends
  • Anywho can see your profile 

9. You Can Edit a Post or Comment

What if you made a mistake in a comment or want to add more photos to your post? No, you don’t need to delete the post or comment. Thankfully, Facebook has an option to edit your post. Whenever you want to make changes in your post or comment, tap on the three dots and it will help you to edit your post. 

10. Mark Profile and Page You Never Want to Miss Any Update

If there are certain people or pages you never want to miss any update, you can select them in the Facebook mobile app. For this, navigate to Apps More tab> Settings> News Feed preferences. The friends and pages you have marked will appear in the blue star next to their posts in your feeds.

11. Post With Hashtags Receives Less Engagement Than Post Without Hashtags

Hashtags tend to engage more online traffic and make your post visible if searched with the relevant #Hashtag. Yes, that’s true. But you (Facebook users) need to understand that #Hashtags are created for Twitter and Instagram and have not any impact on Facebook. Do you use hashtags on Facebook? Stop using it immediately if you want to make your post visible to a large number of people.

12. Try Facebook Camera for Impressive Photo Effects

A few people know that Facebook has its own camera that allows users to use various camera effects such as boomerang, photo frames, emojis, etc. You can use these effects to click attractive pictures or while video calling with your friends and family. This will turn your simple photo into a creative one with a few camera effects. 

Now It’s Time to Learn Important Things About Facebook

These essential Facebook tips and tricks can increase your privacy and improve your experience. Or you can make more benefits from Facebook by using these tips until your account doesn’t get blocked. Sometimes your Facebook account gets blocked due to over activities, breach of Facebook norms or any other intolerable activity. In this situation, you don’t lose your account but are unable to access your account. Just don’t lose hope because there are ways to recover your blocked account in just a few simple steps. 

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