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The success mantra of life is ‘focus on the right thing.’ You may narrow down your area of focus, but there shouldn’t be any compromise on your level of focus. The thought stands true for businesses as well. Every business needs to focus on the right thing to be able to succeed.

However, as a business grows and expands, its requirement increases manifold. Therefore, proper work delegation should go hand-in-hand while treading the path to success. Otherwise, the entire business would become a house of cards in no time.

With the rise in the model of services company, this concern of businesses has been addressed. A real estate company, for example, may have expertise in building, constructions, sales, documentation, etc. but may find advertising and customer service too daunting as these tasks require different and specified skillsets. To save itself from such hassle, either a company restricts its growth or outsources these services.

Fortunately, the concept of integrated marketing agency has given a new face to the entire advertising industry. If you contact a newspaper agency, they can publish your ads on their websites. If you open an advertising account with Google AdWords/Facebook, you can pretty much put your ads on Google/Facebook sites as well as the partner sites.

You can contact an online advertising agency, who can take care of the online promotion of your company or products. A media buying agency will help negotiate and buy media inventory for you, specific to your target audience. It covers the promotion and placement of your advertisements in different platforms.

However, an integrated marketing agency is like an umbrella that takes care of all your needs. It works as a one-stop solution to all your marketing requirements. These companies harness a wide range of skillsets across the different divisions of marketing and communications. With their holistic talent, expertise, resources and knowledge, they offer complete and cohesive marketing packages for their clients based on their needs.

Integrated marketing includes all forms of marketing like digital marketing, direct marketing, mass marketing, one-to-one marketing, experiential marketing, PR, advertising, guerilla marketing, social media, sales promotion, B2B communications, mobile marketing, shopper marketing, sponsorship, CRM, graphic design, copywriting and brand strategy.

Integrated marketing complements and reinforces the market impact of each method. It uses the market data generated by each in product development, pricing, distribution, and customer service. It not only helps save time but also money by offering an integrated solution.

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