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3 Ways to Communicate, Connect and Engage with Generation Z


Generation Z – born in the digital age between 1995 and 2012 – they are the most tech savvy consumers. Engaging this young, influential consumer group is notoriously difficult for brands because they look for real experiences and authentic marketing.

The advertising world summed them up with a great quote: “If Millennials expect to get success, Generation Z-ers make their own.” Generation Z will account for 40% of consumers by 2020, so it’s essential that marketers take them seriously. Here are 5 tips to connect and engage this upcoming influential generation.

  1. Capture Real Experiences

Authentic brands have to interact and approach the Gen Z consumers on their level. Gen Z-ers are “selfie” lovers and fill their social media profiles with photos that capture every moment of their lives. They expect the same thing from brands and companies. They seek authenticity from the companies they would do business with or purchase products from, and not look for perfection.

Gen Z-ers want to see only genuine social media posts that they can relate to, and if you post something pre-planned, it would turn them off. Find out which social media platforms they use the most and what they like to share or talk about with each other.

Capture real experiences and be unique in everything, from advertising to social media marketing, that you would do to engage this innovative group of consumers. Hire creative agency in Singapore that can help your brand and company understand the unique needs of this generation and market your products/services accordingly.

2. Combine mobile media and traditional values

Generation Z consumers are known as digital natives as they use mobile technology throughout their daily lives. They also care for the world, people, traditional values, and everything that is going on around them.

Marketing research has shown that marketing efforts that include both cutting-edge technology and traditional values work best for this generation. Work together with your advertising agency in Singapore on how to portray your brand across multiple platforms, considering the mobile usage and values preferred by Gen Z audience.

3. Be informal, but never inappropriate

Companies need to find a balance between being genuinely relatable and not treating Gen Z audience different from other consumer groups. Generation Z audience is skeptical to conventional advertising practices. So make sure your overall marketing strategy is in tune with the needs and preferences of Gen Z.  Brands should listen to them and create advertising content based on current events and the latest stories to better engage this group.

Key Takeaway

One thing that marketers need to take into consideration when marketing to Generation Z is that they are mini entrepreneurs and love innovation, technology and authentic marketing. Hire a creative advertising agency in Singapore which can help you better communicate with Generation Z audience and better connect them with your brand.

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