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Everything You Must Know About the BIGO Live



BIGO Live is a global live video social platform that is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store where users can live broadcast their moments, make video calls and talk with their friends, or watch trending videos. This app was launched in Singapore in March 2016, applying AI features to offer live streaming services. It has become so popular across Southeast Asia since its launch.

BIGO Live’s global presence is so successful that it now has a strong user base in more than 150 countries and regions becoming the world’s leading and fastest-growing video live streaming platform.

Main Features of BIGO Live

Go Live – Go live and communicate via videos contents. Show your talents and get your followers and receive gifts from your supporters.

Watch Live Streams – The BIGO app embraces millions of talented broadcasters globally like passionate dancers and singers as well as live streaming of popular games.

Live Video Chat & Video Call – Have one-on-one or a group video chat online Multi-guest Room. Initiate a random chat or meet new friends.

Live PK – Have fun, take a PK challenge with your friends or broadcasters globally, and win the PK with more attraction points.

Bar – This BIGO app has a feature called bar where you turn your lives and talents into creative pictures and vlogs and share it.

Singing – In the “Popular” page, there is a specialized Music Live House where streamers can show their lovely voice. Some broadcasters not only sing but also dance to show their talents.

Dancing – Dancing falls into the “Popular” or “PK” category. Although there is no specific live room for it, you are actually exposed to dancing when you enjoy your time.

Game Streaming – On this platform, you can find all types of games and game streamers with different broadcasting styles. Honour of Kings, Mobile, PUBG, Mobile Legend, 8 Ball Pool and Slither to name a few. Streamers are of different styles in each game and surely you will find your type. Learn how to broadcast and watch live games on this live streaming platform.

Multi-guest Room – It is like a multi-purpose room where people can gather together to play games, chat, sing, and share stories or opinions. The Multi-guest area is the most social place in BIGO Live app that can hold four, six, and nine seats. Lots of fun and friends are made in this place.

Education Channel – English lovers are now teaching English in BIGO Live. If you have a question, you can type it on the screen and it will be answered immediately. It is believed that more elementary courses will be opened in the near future.

BIGO Technology Pte, Ltd is one of the fastest-growing Internet companies worldwide that is founded in Singapore in the year 2014. BIGO is dedicated to creating a better-connected world and provides a portfolio of video broadcast and VoIP related products and services powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

BIGO owns BIGO LIVE, a leading global live streaming platform, Likee (formerly LIKE video), a leading short-form video social platform worldwide and IMO, a global video communication platform, and other social apps.

Download the app, explore by yourself, and experience unlimited fun.

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