Which Brand Power Supply is Best for Gaming PCs?

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While CPU is the computer’s brain, the power supply may be safely termed the heart. While choosing a perfect gaming pc, the power supply often is overlooked. However, it does have a significant role to play as far as performance is concerned and identifies how reliable a system is. Hence, while selecting a PSU, you should not hurry while choosing the perfect PSU for your gaming computer. The alternate current (AC) transforms into low voltage DC. All the components, including within the system, work according to the command.  There are a variety of aspects that should be taken into account while choosing a power supply for a gaming PC. These include budget costs as well as the requirements for the consumption of power.

The need for power supplies

There is no denying the fact that you cannot run your PC without including a power supply. Speaking in theoretical terms, you can choose just about anything in the name of power supply to get the job done. However, in actual practice, choosing appropriate power supplies is more of a daunting task than one may even think about. The demand for power consumption in PCs continues to evolve with time according to the requirement. No PC components can function if a power supply suffers a failure. Hence, for this purpose, it is the most crucial yet most under-rated part of the PC. 

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Terms commonly used for Power Supply

Some of the commonly used terminologies for power supplies are as follows: 


While selecting a PSU for a gaming PC, people mostly look for how much wattage (w) or power. However, they go wrong because it is not the only thing to look for while choosing the power supply according to the PC requirement. On the contrary, it is one of the aspects to consider selecting the appropriate power supply. 


As compared to wattage, ampere, on the other hand, seems to be a more accurate metric to choose. As far as gaming PC is concerned, the most power is consumed by the graphics card and then by the CPU. It is essential to see how much energy an entire system will consume. The power within the PC should be greater than what is required to run smoothly, no matter how heavy a game maybe.


Games require a hefty amount of power to run perfectly. Therefore, as far as gaming PC is concerned, one should not undermine efficiency in the power supply. Some gamers disregard efficiency altogether; perhaps they are not the ones to pay for electricity bills. The max rated capacity for a PSU as far as efficiency is concerned is more or less 40-50%. Previously, higher capacity PSUs did not function accordingly when lighter loads were applied. However, nowadays, the scenario has changed entirely. On the contrary, if you choose PSUs of higher efficiency today, lighter loads will not lower efficiency.

Best Power Supplies for Gaming PCs

Here is a list of the power supplies that can provide the best outcomes to gaming PCs.

EVGA SuperNOVA P2 650W

The first power supply in the list is EVGA SuperNOVA having an output of 650W. As far as PSU for a gaming PC is concerned, considered the best on the list. If you are using AMD or NVIDIA graphics card on your computer, it is the perfect match. There are many reasons why you need to go for EVGA SuperNOVA P2, including a ten-year warranty, output 650W, quiet operation, incredible efficiency, and high-quality build. Nevertheless, despite all the pros, it does have a drawback as far as pricing is concerned.

Corsair RM750X

Corsair RM750X is second in the list of best power supplies for a gaming PC, having various features. It is an ideal PSU designed for a gaming PC. It has a gold level certification and has a capacity of 750W within the compact size. Compared to its earlier version, it is much better as far as extra cable management is concerned. It also includes impressive acoustic performance along with Zero RPM Fan Mode.

XPG Core Reactor 650W

In terms of the best power supply brand for a gaming PC, XPG Core Reactor is placed at the third slot. It has a max power of 650W. Even though it has a compact dimension, it enables silent operation, having an average noise output close to 23 dBA. Furthermore, it gives close to 89.5% efficiency on average with 115V. Several aspects make it a must-buy product, including a ten-year warranty, silent operation, high performance, good build quality, and fully modular. The only downside of it is that its cable has two EPS connectors.

Seasonic PRIME TX-1000

Seasonic PRIME TX-1000 is the fourth-best power supply for gaming PCs, having a power of 1000W. Efficiency and reliability are par above excellence, designed to take care of all the aspects a gamer wishes in their computer. Hence, the reason why it is ranked as among power supplies known for high-quality performance. There are several reasons you should choose this product, including Six 6+2-Pin PCIe connectors for graphics cards, 83A single rail, and a power supply of 1000 Watt. With the help of 80 PLUS Titanium certification, it can give your gaming PC the highest efficiency possible. It has a 135mm quiet fan with semi-passive mode. Furthermore, it comprises flat cables with fully modular cable management.

Cooler Master V850

Last in the list, yet not the least is Cooler Master V850, and it is considered a top-level power supply unit. It has a ten-year warranty, 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating, and the fan included is better and more significant. As far as RPM operations are concerned, the fan inside operates with a frictionless approach because of its fluid dynamics. Furthermore, the inside of the cooling system is better and more prominent and works in a semi-fanless mode.


As far as power supply for a gaming PC is concerned, one of the key factors that matter the most is compatibility. You can put your PC on risk if you do not use power supply that matches its specifications. Not every PSU cable is compatible with the gaming PC, even those from same manufacturers. Hence, you should carefully select a power supply that works best. Hence, while choosing there are variety of factors that need to be considered including levels of noise, wattage, efficiency, and cabling.

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