Top 10 Best Smartphone Brands in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Smartphone Brands in Nigeria


With the change of era, the demand for smartphones among Nigerians has been increasing day by day, so it has become essential to know about the best smartphones in Nigeria. The Nigerian smartphone market is always dynamic so those who are thinking of buying a new smartphone! Learn about the 10 best smartphone brands.

At present, smartphones are very much needed in our daily life. We can’t live a day without a phone. Smartphones make our lives a lot easier when we wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. Here are Nigeria’s top 10 smartphones that took place in 2021 and added a new dimension to online shopping in Nigeria.

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Best Smartphones in Nigeria

You are in the right place when you are looking for a reliable source to get ideas about the best smartphones in Nigeria. This list is based on the market value, customer satisfaction rate, sale rate and other similar categories of best phones and computers in Nigeria .

1. Samsung

Samsung is the number one brand in the mobile world. It has maintained its top position in the global smartphone market over years. Samsung accounts for 24 percent of the global smartphone market. Samsung continues to market their new smartphones every year.

Consistently, its popularity is growing day by day in Nigeria and Samsung is one of the top smartphones. The price of Samsung mobile varies according to the different models.

2. Apple

Apple’s quality and its advanced configuration and advanced touch have made it to the top of the smartphone world. Undoubtedly it is one of the best smartphones in Nigeria. Each series of iPhones has created a new dimension in the world of smartphones and its popularity has greatly influenced Nigerians.

Currently, as the latest version, Apple iPhone 11 & 11 pro series, like all other series, has woken up to your favorite online store in Nigeria.

3. Tecno

Techno, a mobile brand that has been widely discussed in the Nigerian smartphone market in a very short time. After coming to the market, Tecno Mobile came into the discussion by launching one mid-budget phone after another. Competing in the mid-budget market, no one knows better than Techno how to get a budget phone in a good specification.

Techno has long dominated the Nigerian smartphone market. At first, they controlled the market with feature phones. Then for a while the feature phone came out of the shell and started taking out the smartphone.

4. Huawei

Huawei is one of the best smartphones in Nigeria which is always thinking of adding amazing new features to new phones. Huawei is a Chinese smartphone brand, with China at the top of the list. It is known as Hawaii Mobile in the world market. What do you think about Huawei Mobile? Due to the quality and other features of this smartphone, its demand among Nigerians is increasing day by day.

5. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has gained a lot of popularity in Nigeria as a smartphone company. One after another, Xiaomi has been forced to reorganize the smartphone market by bringing good smartphones to the market at affordable prices. Xiaomi mobiles are sold in large quantities in different countries of the world including Nigeria.

6. Oppo

Oppo has easily taken its place among the best smartphones in Nigeria. In a short time, they have been able to gain a good reputation in the world market. The Oppo phone company is very famous for their cameras. If anyone wants to buy a phone and take a good selfie, they must buy an Oppo phone. Oppo offers premium features at a reasonable price.

7. iTEL

iTEL is not Nigeria’s top smartphone, but it is on the list. It has gained popularity among many users for their affordable prices. ITel is one of the cheapest phones in Nigeria.

8. Nokia

Nokia has always been Nigeria’s top brand and they have maintained this reputation for years. Nokia has been in the list of top smartphones for a long time. The Nokia 105 device was Nigeria’s best-selling model.

9. Gionee

It gained widespread popularity in the Nigerian smartphone market a few years ago. Gionee phones are most reliable in terms of battery capacity and efficiency. However, despite its popularity, it has only a 5% -8% share of the Nigerian market.

10. Infinix

Infinix is one of the most successful smartphones in Nigeria, but it did not occupy a large place in the global space. Many customers prefer it for its affordable price.

Final Words

Deadly dependence on smartphones has made it our daily life partner. That’s why the list of best smartphones in Nigeria is growing day by day. The need for smartphones is now essential in every field starting from communication, education, information business. The immense need for smartphones has made it a major tool in today’s digital world.

Currently, more than 250 crore people in the world are using smartphones and in the next five years, one third of the world’s people will use smartphones. One of the attractions of online shopping in Nigeria is the smartphones that occupy the top places in the world in terms of popularity.

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