High-End Tech Updates in 2021

High-End Tech Updates In 2021


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Today’s technology is evolving at breakneck speed, enabling faster change and advancement, causing the rate of change to accelerate, until eventually, it will become exponential. However, it is not only technology trends and leading technologies that are evolving, many things have changed this year as the outbreak of COVID-19 has made tech professionals realize that their role will no longer be the same in tomorrow’s contactless world. Here are the most useful modern technologies in 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the most modern technology trends today. The volume of data being collected on health care, infection rates, and the success of measures taken to prevent the spread of infection will continue to grow. This means that machine learning algorithms will be better informed and increasingly sophisticated in AI-powered solutions.

From computer vision systems that monitor the capacity of public areas to analyzing interactions detected through tracking, self-learning algorithms uncover connections and insights which human manual analysis does not recognize. They will help predict demand for services from hospitals and other healthcare providers and allow administrators to make better decisions about when and where to deploy services. power.

For business, AI will help come up with models to change customer behavior. More human activities will take place online – from shopping and socializing to virtual workplaces, meetings, and recruiting. Over the course of 2021, the tools used to analyze these behavior changes will become increasingly sophisticated and increasingly fit the budgets and infrastructure requirements of more and more organizations.

2. Robots, Drones, and Vehicle Automation

As the number of passengers using public transport varies from week to week, depending on regional conditions, autonomous vehicle initiatives will increase. Effective promotion of self-driving vehicles on public transport networks will be a priority for service providers as well as regulators, where reducing labor costs will help balance uncertainty. of customer needs.

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of robots in the areas of care and assisted living, and they will become increasingly important, especially when interacting with members of society. , those who are most susceptible to infection, such as the elderly. It is possible to completely replace human interaction with people requiring intensive care, through the use of robotic devices to provide new channels of interaction, such as accessing 24/7 help at home or simply provide companionship at times when it may not be safe to send nursing staff to the home. In addition, it will open up new business opportunities such as turning into robot vendors for services such as cleaning and security. This activity has led to a spike in stock prices for businesses engaged in providing robots.

Drones will be used to deliver drugs and equipped with computer vision algorithms, which will be used to track movement in public areas to identify places where there is a risk of transmission (the virus is higher).

3. The As-A-Service Revolution

“As-a-service” – the delivery of essential services through on-demand, cloud-based platforms – is the key that has brought different technology trends to the fore. with everyone. That’s why it’s possible to deliver AI and robotics to any business or organization, regardless of their size or budget. Thanks to cloud services from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and a group of startups and companies implementing applied research results under the co-ownership (spinoff) model, innovators in every field can deploy advanced technology without upfront investment in tools, equipment, or specialized people.

As the pandemic rages around the world, it is inevitable that companies must rely on the cloud to provide scalable solutions as a service. Take Zoom, for example, which has quickly become a household name thanks to the speed of adding servers and expanding the range and quality of service; because of the cloud-based solution and partnerships with service providers, to be able to rapidly increase capacity to meet demand. In 2021 and beyond, providing as-a-service solutions will become increasingly important and likely open to everyone.

4. 5G and enhanced connectivity

Faster and more reliable internet not only means we can load web pages faster and spend less time waiting for videos to launch on Youtube. Or feel free to click shopping with discount codes and coupons on the internet faster. Every step forward in cellular connectivity from 3G onwards has unlocked new use cases for the Internet. 3G makes web browsing and data-driven services useful on mobile devices, 4G leads to the growth of video and music streaming platforms as bandwidth increases, and 5G, similarly, will open more doors of useful applications.

In short, 5G and other advanced, high-speed networks make all other trends available anytime, anywhere. Complex machine learning applications based on real-time access to Big Data sources can be conducted in the field through automation. A good example is the Norwegian fish company Salmar, which has used 5G networks to automate the care and feeding of fish. Image recognition algorithms are used to detect which fish are overeating or undereating and automatically dispense the food and medicine needed to keep them healthy. Such initiatives will become increasingly important in 2021, as businesses look to increase automation across their workforces.


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