Biometric Authentication – One Step Ahead To Prevent Identity Theft

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With the technology revolution, corporations are also moving towards digitalization. From opening the bank accounts to the purchase of goods every business is now digitized. With technology, all the customers’ needs are fulfilled through digital verification. The technology boom has brought up numerous opportunities for the customers as well as the fraudsters. With time the online frauds are also spiking. Technology providing ease for the customers is also having negative effects.

Biometric verification is the perfect solution to deal with criminal activists. With time the fraudsters are getting more knowledgeable and are quite competitive to exploit the system by determining the loophole between them. AI-based biometric identification solutions are quite advanced which the fraudsters can’t breach into the system which makes peace of mind for business.

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What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric verification is the ideal identity verification service, based on the unique attributes of the customers’ face to get access to the accounts, digital wallets, social websites, etc. Biometric authentication systems match the real-time provided biological imprints with the data placed in the database. This is the most effective identity proofing procedure by which the corporates can get to know about the customers before onboarding. 3D liveness detection is the most important part of the biometric verification process, which tends to determine whether the person is physically present at the time of verification or using the flare images. This is the most effective and protected identity verification service which is ready to replace the verification process such as multi-factor authentication, etc.

Biometrics Combatting Spoof Attacks Of Perpetrators

The biometric verification has a feature of 3D liveness detection which effectively determines the physical presence of the customer at the time of registration. If the fraudster tries to use the stolen government-issued documents at the time of identity verification, then with the help of facial recognition it will be caught easily. Moreover, if the fraudster tends to manipulate the system by wearing the 3D mask or uses the printed picture the biometric authenticates through various checks including 3D mapping, skin texture analysis, spook attacks that can be detected easily.

Pros of Biometric Authentication

Easy To Use And Provides Accuracy

The utmost advantage of biometric services is that it is quite easy to use. The customers quickly got fed up while filling the lengthy forms. Facial biometric verification is most convenient to use, which reduces the time of filling the forms. Biometric verification saves time while registering or logging into the system. The lengthy password and other means of automation were not so effective and were easily hackable. Therefore, biometrics provide the utmost security and protect the user information from getting into bad hands.

Utmost Safety And Privacy

Online frauds such as phishing attacks, spam emails, fake offers, etc. are increasing and the user information is pretty much breachable. Nowadays the businesses’ top priority is to make the online transaction, website, social media account, etc safe and to maintain the high standards of data confidentiality. It’s getting challenging for an online business to deter the risk of online frauds such as account takeover and identity theft. Therefore biometric authentication tends to mitigate the risk linked to cyber breaches. The fraudster tries to fool the biometric verification process but is detected easily

Customer Identity Management

The old school KYC verification methods were not able to provide fruitful results. It was not possible to get to know customers through security numbers, addresses, etc. Biometrics opens the gateway to provide top-notch security checks. Biometric depends on the unique traits of the persons’ faces which can be replicated so hacking them is useless because it can be detected at ease with the use of 3D biometric liveness detection services.

Industrial Use Case Of Biometric Authentication

Travel Industry

The travel industry is also evolving with the technology boom. Multiple verification checkpoints are set up at hotels and airports where the customers have to get to be verified before onboarding. It’s quite hectic and difficult to verify each customer’s identity and authenticate their documents. Thus with the effective biometric authentication process, the customers now don’t have to carry passports or relevant identity documents. Just through the facial scan, the identity of the customers is verified by verifying the face imprint with the data placed in the database.


Biometric authentication is the perfect solution to fight the war against identity fraud. The biometric is well equipped with loads of features including spoof attacks detection, 3D Liveness detection, facial traits authentication, and 2 factor authentication which will increase the effectiveness of the biometric authentication. This authentication service is narrowing down the open valuable space for fraudsters.

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