Adhesive Qualities and Fluid Dispensing System: Things to Consider

Dispensing System


The selection of the right adhesive for industrial bonding applications depends on the features of the adhesive. The type of adhesive you select is also linked to the fluid dispensing system you need at your manufacturing plant. There are hundreds of available options when it comes to adhesives, but the decision-making process can be streamlined by taking into consideration following points.

Chemistry of Adhesive and Dispensing System

• Adhesives are used for bonding engineered plastics to other plastics, metal, or glass. There are different chemistry options available when using adhesives, including light curable 1- or 2-part epoxies, 2-part urethanes, light-curable silicone hybrid systems, acrylated urethanes, cyanoacrylates, and pressure sensitive adhesive.

User an automated fluid dispenser with all-digital display for a higher degree of process control using such adhesives. Fluid dispensers can determine adhesive chemistry to change dispensing speed and rate. You can even use meter mix equipment with automated dispensing system for 2-part adhesives for better adhesive application.

• Every liquid show some kind of resistance to flow, which is called viscosity. Determining the flow properties of the adhesive you are going to use is vital for the assembly line as it will affect the working of your fluid dispensing system.

For instance, adhesive with lower viscosity has the greater tendency to flow, so you have to adjust dispensing speed to make dispensing uniform at every stage. Increase the pressure and dispensing speed when using adhesives with high viscosity.

• Determine the ease of processing of the adhesive to select the type of adhesive suitable for it. For instance, 1-part adhesives require a simple fluid dispensing system and 2-part adhesives need a metered mix system along with your dispenser. Additionally, if you are using light curable adhesives, you need UV curing system to cure your dispensed liquid.

• Know what type of dispensing pattern your product requires. The adhesives can be dispensed in circle, dot, beads, arc and much more. The dispensing equipment must have the feature dispense adhesive in any pattern and covers the entire bond line.

• Adhesives can also develop air bubbles when it is dispensed through the fluid dispenser nozzle. The dispensing equipment should be programmed to maintain vacuum and pressure accordingly to remove air bubbles from the adhesive liquid before it is dispensed.

Recent advancement in fluid dispensing systems assures high quality of the end product. Consider the qualities of the adhesive and then determine the type of dispenser you need in your manufacturing plant. This would help you reduce waste and downtime, and will also enable you to follow tight quality guidelines of your industry.

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