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6 Tips to Boost Networking in a Hybrid Event

Boost Networking in a Hybrid Event


After facing some challenging times, event managers and marketers have persisted with virtual events and have reaped their benefits. Virtual events get you a larger audience with significant monetary savings. Despite the benefits of virtual events, there is still great value for in-person events. They provide much better connections and drive a deeper engagement between attendees and hosts. Instead of going ahead with either of the two approaches, consider hosting a hybrid event. A hybrid event gives you both- the advantages of a virtual event and an in-person event. It unlocks live interaction between presenters and attendees- whether they join online or physically. 

The goal of a hybrid event is to connect in-person and online attendees. Almond VIRTEX is a hybrid event platform, which provides a dynamic platform to connect physical and virtual events. A hybrid event has many benefits like higher engagement, networking opportunities, more sponsorship, good ROI. So let’s take a look at the networking part in the benefits of hybrid events and how you can boost networking in hybrid events. 

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1. Clear Plan of Action:

For hybrid events, much like virtual events, it is pretty essential to think of networking opportunities. Networking is most effective when both parties are interested and are looking forward to engaging in an apparent planned-out structure given the short attention span of humans. Scheduling a coordinated hybrid event has two benefits; first, it will increase your events’ one-to-one meeting numbers. Second, you can plan a clear break between sessions and one-to-one meetings. Having fewer matchmaking sessions of meetings and one-to-one meetings will increase networking between attendees. Having a few surprise and delightful moments can cheer up the attendees and not feel too guided in the event.

2. Ice Breaking session for  all Attendees:

As said earlier, hybrid events’ goal is to connect virtual and in-person attendees. Using the Almond VIRTEX platform, attendees can connect online and in-person and interact with the presenter/speaker. Organizing fun games and activities at the initial of meeting will break the ice and involve everyone and enable attendees to look forward further to the planned events. VIRTEX ensures the registration/check-in system is integrated into your virtual platform so that both types of attendees can see and connect with anyone. VIRTEX provides a distraction-free environment and provides access to event information to all the attendees. 

3. Separate rooms for physical and hybrid meetings:

If you conduct a virtual session in a single room with a massive audience your audience loses interest, hence exiting the event. Breakout sessions offer participants the option to participate in small groups. These workshops allow participants to work together, network, or collaborate. Our virtual event platform provides restricted access to public and private breakout meeting rooms or enables attendees to create their meeting rooms for better communication and understanding.

4. Use Social Media:

The power of social media can’t be underestimated in today’s times. Integrating links for the hybrid meeting can boost page followers, get more audience for the event, and foster meaningful business relationships. Connecting applications like Facebook and LinkedIn is a great way to increase networking at hybrid events.

5. Fun Engagement Sessions:

Engaging your attendees and not letting their enthusiasm fade away from the event is essential. Organizing live polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions in between meetings can get attendees to interact with other participants as well. Integrating gamification into your online events is an engagement notion for overcoming participant drop-off rates. Gamify several aspects of your virtual event to increase event engagement. One of the best virtual event engagement ideas is to incentivize participants with digital incentives. AR/VR games can be integrated into hybrid events to make participants engage and boost networking.  

6. Create A Selfie Photo Booth:

Who doesn’t enjoy having their picture clicked? We believe no one. Integrate personalized selfie photo booths into your virtual events to provide extra fun and excitement. It helps keep visitors interested and involved with your event while they pose for photos in the customized photo booths. With VIRTEX’s selfie booth, make your attendees take back memories through a 100% customizable photo booth and share their experiences on other social media platforms as well.

Networking aims to forge deep, meaningful corporate relationships in a hybrid event. Attendee participation and interaction are essential for any hybrid event, and networking is the easiest way to get them to do that. Having a good virtual event platform like Almond VIRTEX makes life easier to organize a successful hybrid event and boost networking between attendees. These indicators will help you in conducting a successful virtual event and improve brand recall power and loyalty. It’s time to take advantage of clever tips and rock your every online event. Hybrid events are here to stay and will keep on getting interesting in the future!

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