Best Approach to Convert EML to PST File

Convert EML to PST File


EML files store the individual email message only. It stores the email data like email text, details of sender & receiver, and other additional information. Another side, PST files store the entire mailbox data of the user account. The PST file is completely different from the EML files. It contains a large amount of data in just one file.

PST file sizes are very high in comparison to the EML files. Their size can be in multiple GB’s. Microsoft offers two email clients for Windows and that is Window Live Mail and Outlook. Both email clients support different file formats. Outlook supports the PST files and Window Live Mail supports the EML files.

In this section, we discussed EML and PST file formats. Sometimes users need to move data from one format to another format. Without reason, nothing is possible in this universe. Firstly, we discuss some essential causes to convert EML to PST files.

Common causes to Convert EML files to PST Outlook

Now, we are going to talk about on reason for migration:

● EML is the very basic file format so they can’t give security of data to users.
● EML files need internet connectivity to open the files.
● PST provides users with many additional features.
● EML files store just one message in a single file.

These are some common causes of users to Convert Emails from EML to PST file for Outlook. In the next section, we discuss how to convert these files from one format to another format.

The most common approach to Convert EML to PST with attachment
Here, we are discussing a common way of migration, and this way is a little bit complicated. You need to understand very carefully and implement step by step.

  1. Firstly, open the Window Live Mail.
  2. Click on the File option from the toolbar at the left corner.
  3. Then, click on the Export Email and choose the Email messages.
  4. After that, you need to select the Microsoft exchange and tap on the Next button.
  5. Then, a message appears on the screen related to Export Message and you need to click the OK button.
  6. Here, you are able to select the folder according to your requirements and tap Ok.
  7. Now, files started to export or click the Cancel button to stop the process.
  8. When the export process is completed. You are able to see your messages were successfully exported using the Microsoft Exchange format.
  9. Then, you can click on the Finish button.

This is the manual process for Convert EML to PST. Before starting with the common approach you need to know whether this is the right way or not in modern times. I want to tell you this approach has some limitations.

Drawbacks of the common approach to Convert EML to PST

This section covers all the disadvantages of the manual method.

● This way is a highly time-consuming method.
● If you have more attachments then this method does not give full surety of data migration.
● In which, chances are very high of data loss.
● Need for high internet connectivity of internet.

In this section, we discuss all major points of limitation. Now, we discuss how to overcome the drawbacks of the manual approach.

Modern Way to Convert EML files to PST Outlook
In this section, we’ll suggest to you about modern way. If you want to save valuable time, you can use this method if you have a large number of files. Then, you can go for a professional method that is Cigati EML to PST Converter Tool. This tool provides you with the best output with a high number of features and this tool you can use for free.

This is a most reliable tool and its user interface is user-friendly. Any user can utilize this tool to Convert EML to PST. You can use this tool for multiple file formats. Let us be familiar with the extraordinary feature of this tool:

● You can convert EML files into distinct email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Thunderbird, etc.
● You can also migrate EML Files into different file formats.
● You can export emails with all their Attachments and additional information.
● Possibility of multiple file conversion at the same time
● Select the folder and remove unwanted files according to your requirements.

These are the final words of this discussion, we discuss the reason for Convert Emails from EML to PST file for Outlook. We also discussed the process of the manual method but we found many disadvantages of the common method. Then, we’ll suggest a professional method and they have extraordinary features. It is very easy to execute and low time-consuming. This professional method is the best way to Convert EML to PST.

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