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Why Is Artificial Intelligence Trending Today?

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Trending Today?


People have come to know about artificial intelligence today, even though it was launched in 1905. It’s now a day trending because it helps in transforming the business 360°. Today’s AI comprises increased data volumes, improved computing power, and storage. It is that subject that has been the most crucial part of any business circle. Also, many consider this technology as the technology of the future. We all are using artificial intelligence regularly through Siri, Alexa, and google assistant. Many businesses are investing in AI to develop more and more phenomenal products and applications.

Artificial intelligence is so trending in today’s market that IIT Guwahati has announced programming in the data science field with AI and ML. Before discussing the topic, let us understand what AI is that people are mad about this particular technology.

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What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is the incitation of biological intelligence in the appliances programmed to understand and mimic human efforts and behaviors. Certain types of machines can work just like a human work with its experience and AI. AI have a huge impact on our day-to-day life in the future. Everyone wishes to connect with artificial intelligence in some way, either to pursue a career or be a consistent user of this technology.

AI can easily detect different use cases such as fraud, virtual customer assistance, dialogues through chatbots, etc.

Reasons for AI popularity  

1- AI is everywhere 

You must have paid your bills with credit and debit cards, asked Alexa to play your favorite song, brought the product from Amazon, etc. And all these everyday tasks are part of AI and data. You must have used the AI technology last week or might have a few hours back without knowing what technology you are using. AI will allow you to track everything in just a few seconds of your operation. That’s why AI is trending and can be found everywhere in life.

2- AI will transform the industries 

The effect of AI can be shown in all types of industries, starting from banking, retail to manufacturing, farming, and healthcare. Artificial intelligence helps find different diseases through which healthcare providers can give their patients accurate treatments and cures. Whether you work in any industry, AI is everywhere, and you need to face this technology now and then in your life. Hence, AI is a wonderful technology for transforming industries.

3- AI will make us more human 

Artificial intelligence will help in creating many job opportunities for humans across different industries. And the jobs created are solely based upon human capabilities such as creativity and empathy. It will make our lives and lifestyle better. AI helps in lowering down the burden of people in different tasks and industries. That’s the reason AI technology is the most trending technology so far.

4- AI is the most affordable technology 

Many people think that if they want to upgrade themselves with AI, they need to spend a lot of money and require a huge team for operation. But, like other services and technology, it’s also available on a service basis that can fit every type of business requirement. For example, in 2019, Amazon has launched a personalized AI-based service that helps the business provide the best recommendation and search results.

5- AI can fuel the other technology trends 

Artificial intelligence is the only technology on which different technologies have been built. Without AI, the technologies we are experiencing like virtual reality, chatbots, facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, and robots cannot be experienced. AI has played a crucial role in transforming our world from 4G to 5G and many more. It is that power from which other advanced technologies work.

6- AI has been used in many movies, music, and games 

AI is the amazing technology that has been used in creating state-of-the-art AI music, poetry, and storytelling. It is the best thing that humans can make so far. Moreover, AI is transforming the entertainment industry so far, and it will continue to do so in the future.


AI is the most important technology in our generation. It is the establishment of many advanced technologies we are using. It can be found anywhere, no matter which technology you use; it’s all possible because of AI. Python with Data Science Course in Pune will help you to learn basics and advanced of artificial intelligence.

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