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How Social Media Inculcate Good Values

Social Media Values


Social networking is a relatively new development enabled by the internet, which has exploded in popularity, especially among young people, all over the world. This is primarily due to the fact that it allows users to communicate with one another and exchange information, photos, and videos. This modern type of social media also brings together people from various social backgrounds in a forum.

If you have used social media applications like Instagram, LinkedIn, Connect app, and others, you must have notices millions of users visiting these platforms daily. These applications create a communication channel that allows strangers to communicate with each other.

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The media, through its vast network of communication, plays an important role in shaping people’s attitudes and priorities, particularly in adults.  It serves as a connection between the different entities. It’s also a way for us to communicate our feelings. Individual values are a person’s beliefs, and the media plays a significant role in shaping those beliefs in the following ways.

AWARENESS: knowledge will be generated and an individual will be able to make informed decisions as a result of its various forms.

TOLERANCE: an individual who is conscious of different viewpoints and their right to express them in the name of the nation will be tolerant. Through the media, a person can see beyond himself and learn about the other side of the story and imbibe tolerance.

 ● DETERRENCE GENERATION: The #metoo campaign’s goal is to make people more aware of their behavior and consequences by acting as a deterrent.

SHAPING PUBLIC OPINIONS: By discriminating and addressing different factors, the broad variety of public availability aids in the shaping of public opinion.

BREAKING STEREOTYPES: By projecting different role models and fields of success, such as gender inequality, stereotypes can be broken.

WIDER INTER CONNECTIVITY: social media platforms enable us to communicate with a variety of people and learn about their lives, as well as share our own life experience with people.

MORAL VALUES: derogatory terms were recently used in a reality show, which sparked outrage. This demonstrates the systemic instillation of moral principles.

One should concentrate on the positive aspects of social media rather than the negative consequences, because one thing is certain in our lives without digital intervention would leave us well behind the competition, so dependence on social media is unavoidable for us. The only thing we can do is devise strategies to defend ourselves from circumstances in which this media can have a negative impact on our personalities.

However, it is important to note that social life is not the same as real life, and that real life, not our social lives, requires our attention. In the hands of the public, social media can be a strong tool for motivating people to do and think good things for society. If social media promotes positive behaviors while ignoring anti-social activity, it can have a positive effect on community members’ minds.

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