What to Look for While Buying Rado Watches?

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Are you looking for a Rado watch for men but couldn’t figure out the difference between Rado watch and fake one? Well you don’t have to worry now, all you have to do is just learn some hacks. Rado as a brand is one of the most valued brand worldwide. The ceramic material along with exquisite designs, which makes them ultra-thin and durable that eventually appeals to most watch lovers. The only nightmare that would come true could be realizing that you only got a replica of the watch. And that is the time, when it’s important to know how to spot a fake Rado watch amidst all the real looking features.      

Why is it required to figure out a fake Rado Watch?

Here is a list of benefits of figuring out fake items, particularly when you plan to buy rado watches:

The first and foremost thing is to save your money. Everybody looks out for things which offer value for money.  But, when you realise that you just brought a fake watch with the hard earned money, you may even smash it down in anger. And the money you spent on the fake watch doesn’t even offer the value for money.

– It will save you from embarrassment. You all have friends or relatives who find every opportunity to make fun of you, and this couldn’t be a better opportunity for them to do the same. You will then become the topic of endless trolls every now and then. 

– The watches which are manufactured originally from brand lasts longer. It you happen to buy a fake watch, chances if it lasting longer are very less and will eventually break down fast.  Naturally, the replicas are prepared of very low-quality substance which won’t stand the trial of time.

– Convenience. The novel watch will offer you the premium service, and let you to use it even in the dark.

What are the things you should for while spotting a fake watch:

1. Check the crown of the logo which is on the Rado watch. Replica might be glued and the placement would be displaced. A real Rado will not have any glue spots or marks on it along with the accurate placement. 

2. Rado watches signature screws are straight and if it is fake, the screw would be tilted.

3. Examine the watch winder. A real Rado watch’s winder should run effortlessly without any hitch or irregularity.

4. Gold plating. Check if the back of your watch has any signs of gold plating. If it has any then, it’s fake. There is no gold plating at the back in authentic Rado watches.

5. Check the dial of the watch in a dark room. Rado watches has a dim glow and if your watch doesn’t glow at all, it is fake.

Bottom line

All the factors mentioned above are basically the technical aspects you need to look at. Usual scammers will not recognise the spelling errors on the watch. So, ensure that you watch the spelling while buying a watch. Further, you also need to check the serial number on the watch. The watch which is Authentic only have eight numbers on it. The fake Rado watch may have numbers upto thirteen digits. These are some of the things you should look at.  

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